“He Dared to Dream”


As an immigrant and child of farm workers, Jose Solorio never imagined what he would be able to achieve. He did believe his parents that through study and hard work, he could one day earn a good living and raise a family.
During his undergraduate studies at UC Irvine, given his achievements as a student leader, he was encouraged by a friend to pursue a masters degree in public policy. Curious about this suggestion, Jose researched it, committed to it, and he dared to dream.
His work ethic and passion for public policy have taken him to remarkable places: Harvard University, the California State Legislature, and Santa Ana City Hall. In addition to his public service roles, he’s enjoyed a successful professional career in community outreach, government affairs and marketing. He’s honed his skills through work at The Market Connection, Orange County Transportation Authority, Nossaman LLP, and Moulton Niguel Water District.
Remembering his own childhood, and thinking about the needs of his constituents in Santa Ana, Jose prioritizes the education of children, the safety of families, investing in local infrastructure and neighborhood improvements, and partnering with the private sector to ensure a strong economy and create jobs that pay a living wage.
While earning his masters degree at Harvard University, Jose also met his future wife. Together they raised two equally amazing children, Michael and Diego. Michael just graduated from Stanford University and Diego graduated from Godinez High School and is studying at Princeton University!

As a parent himself now, Jose teaches Michael and Diego that with hard work and a good education, anything in possible in California. He also encourages them — and all children — to dare to dream.

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