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Priority Issues

Our City - Our Plan

Dear Neighbor,

I’m running for Mayor because I believe “A Brighter Future for Santa Ana” is still possible.


Let’s work together to tackle homelessness and rising crime, but let’s also address the root causes. We can do both.


Balanced Solutions on Homelessness:


The homelessness problem needs to be addressed by enforcing our anti-camping laws and partnering with the state, nonprofit and faith-based organizations to help us get homeless individuals into mental health and drug treatment facilities, effective shelters and job training programs.


Let’s Make Santa Ana Safer:


I’ve previously led efforts to reduce crime - we can do it again.


For long-term effectiveness, we need to maintain strong police staffing levels, but also combine that with community programs that address the root causes of crime.


Economic and Youth Development:


The City must invest in after-school and summer programs to help students succeed in life. Similarly, we should support Santa Ana small businesses to help them stay open and serve our community. We can shift Cannabis Tax revenue and seek grants to fund these initiatives.


To strengthen the public trust, I also plan to enforce the City’s anti-corruption and ethics laws.


I would be honored to be your Mayor.


Thank you,

Jose Solorio

A Brighter Future for Santa Ana

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