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Leading Together

Our City - Our Neighborhoods

I began my interest in City affairs at the height of our Neighborhood Association movement in the mid 1990s. I would like for our City to re-engage with our Neighborhood Associations and I will lead by example. Below are some key initiatives I plan on implementing:

Appointment of a Neighborhood Association Advocate inside City Hall. The Neighborhood Association Advocate will be the City’s liaison to the Neighborhood Associations in Santa Ana and also help ensure that Neighborhood Association priorities are provided proper attention and support, including enhanced Code Enforcement programs to improve the quality of life within our neighborhoods.

Selection of Mayor’s Commissioners. As Mayor I will seek recommendations from our Neighborhood Associations and Com-Link to fill my Commissioner Appointments. I will also seek their advice, and in particular the G7 neighborhood alliance group, to make my selections.

Quarterly Roundtable Meetings. I will schedule and participate in quarterly meetings inside City Hall with Neighborhood Association leaders. I will ask key staff in the City Manager’s office and appropriate departments to join us as needed. 

Maintaining Local Control. Sacramento officials may be well-intended, but their one-size fits all approach doesn’t always make sense for us, especially as it relates to housing and development. I’ll advocate for minimizing or eliminating any negative impacts of their recent and pending laws and regulations to our quality of life.

Citywide Infrastructure Assessment. I will work with community leaders and City staff to identify the priorities of our Neighborhood Associations for infrastructure and community improvements they want to see in their communities. I will play a hands-on role in identifying funding sources and grants to schedule and implement those improvements.

I believe in the African proverb, “if you to want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I would be honored to be your Mayor and know I would benefit from the recommendations of our Neighborhood Associations. I’ll continue to meet independently with other community leaders, residents and businesses but I will encourage them to also join and be active in their local Neighborhood Association.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail and later inside City Hall — leading together!

Thank you for your support,

Jose Solorio

A Brighter Future for Santa Ana

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